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G3 Multi-Functional Coating

G3 Multi-Functional Coating

G3 Multi-Functional Coating


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  • Kills bacteria and viruses on contact
  • Absorbs and degrades air pollutants like formaldehyde and ammonia
  • Plant-base, non-toxic active ingredient
  • Water repellant
  • Stain repellant
  • Properties: Solvent-based
  • Ideal for Surfaces: Wood, ceramic, paper, etc



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G3 Multi-Functional Coating is split into 2 solutions which have to be mixed right before application (Please do not pre-mix them):

  1. Coating – A
  2. Coating – B

The mixing ratio of A:B is 2:1.
i.e: 2L of A is to be mixed with 1L of B.

This also applies to G3 eMulti-Functional Coating.

– An air pressure gun and an air compressor are needed to ensure a smooth and even coating is able to be done onto the surface.
– A professional is needed in the application of the coating. Please remember to put on necessary safety equipment (i.e goggles, masks, etc).

– 1L of Multi-Functional Coating can cover up to 60m2 of surface.

Non-toxic or not, wet paint and coating should be kept away from children and pets.

Important Information
– Ratio of 2:1 of A and B is needed for the mixing of the solutions. (i.e 2L of A to be mixed with 1L of B)

– Please DO NOT pre-mix the 2 solutions. Mix only right before the application.

– Please do not dilute with water.

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