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Advance sound quality for clearer communication invented by ITE

G3Tech antiviral Face shield BLOCKS AND KILLS

ISO 13485 Medical Grade

Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on the surface of the face shield with advanced melaphone technique developed by ITE to restore voice clarity and volume. Advanced technique for clear vision. Prevents distortion that impacts child vision.


Continuous protection against deadly pathogens

Our products with infused G3 molecule create a protective shield that kills any virus that fall onto the surface, thus stopping an important source of infection transmission. The surface gives continuous protection against harmful germs. WHO has advised that the elimination of virus from contaminated surface is the most effective way to control current pandemic.

G3tech molecule integrated

Stops from being contaminated

G3mask is made from G3tech molecule integrated to the fabric for continued killing of virus, protecting the surface against virus contamination. Current non-G3Tech antimicrobial masks in the market are not effective as the toxic chemicals that are infused take a significantly long time to kill viruses, hence render the protection ineffective and unsafe.

Safe & Non-Toxic

Made from plants, not from toxic chemicals

Our molecule has a Lethal Dosage (LD) of more than 5000. To put this in perspective, our regular table salt is more toxic than our molecule

Broad Spectrum Usage

Photosensitiser (PS) kill 99.9999% of bacteria

Our molecule is able to be incorporated into a wide range of products.

Self Regenerative

It does not leach out to kill germs

Our molecule does not consume itself when used. Furthermore, it releases high dosage of singlet oxygen (O2) to effectively kill germs on contact.

Revolutionary technology

First of the kind antiviral plastic capitalises on active oxygen emitted from an embedded PS molecule without the use of leach-out chemicals. Conventional antimicrobial surface agent uses slow release or chemical leach to poison the microbe.

Our technology is a photosensitiser (PS) that is able to kill 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses on contact. The PS does not contain toxicity and does not use toxicity to kill germs. Instead, it uses short and rapid bursts of Oxygen (O2) to effectively kill viruses and bacteria, leaving the microbes with absolutely no chance of survival.


Self-sterilizing plastic wrapper and PET plastic


Antibacterial performance: 5 minutes, efficacy >99%. Blocks and kills viruses and bacteria


No leach-out of chemical as PET and plastic are fully cured. Leach test : No bacterial ring >1mm

Technology & Mission

Melaphone technology for voice clarity and volume. Advanced technology for clear vision and prevents distortion