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How are we different from others?

We do not use toxin to kill germs. There are two pathways to kill germs. With the use of toxin or with a catalyst. The chemical-toxin pathway releases poison to kill germs. Poison breaks the DNA inside the micro-organism. The catalyst pathway uses a two-phase approach. The catalyst itself and the byproduct. Our catalyst is a plant extracted protein and the by-product is Oxygen. It imitates the same process of killing germs in our body, ie with a high dosage of oxygen.

24/7 SELF-DISINFECTANT all-round protection from new germs!

Forms a thin and invisible layer of protection, killing new germs that tries to form on the protected surfaces. People are infected from touching unsanitised surfaces. A sanitised surface does not offer protection before and after disinfection. People carry the germs which spread across the body, clothing and droplets onto surfaces. Conventional disinfectant only kills germs during the sanitisation process. It cannot stop new germs from forming until the next disinfection.

G3 disinfectant and sanitizer offer protection by preventing new germs from forming even after the disinfectant has dried up. A protective layer is formed to stop new germs and secondary infections. One application of G3 Tech Hand Sanitizer has been shown to remain effective continuously until it is washed away.

Sciene behind our solution

The disinfectant achieved 99.9999 (6 logs) efficacy in anti-bacterial and anti-virus without use of toxin and is the only known disinfectant that is effective against EV71 (Hand-foot-mouth disease). Tests were conducted and validated at the Singapore National University Medical school that shown a 100% anti-virus efficacy against EV71. In a follow-up test at China Institute of Microbiology, the molecule has achieved a 99.7% efficacy against the influenza virus.

The disinfectant has attained the highest hospital-grade antimicrobial disinfectant with >6 logs, 99.9999% efficacy against MRSA, SA, E.coli,
and Spore. With a focus on healthcare, childcare and hospitality markets, G3 Tech revolutionized a non-toxin antimicrobial formula. The toxicity tests were conducted at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), with a result of LD5000, which is safer than table salt. G3Tech is the safest disinfectant known.

Unlike disinfectants and sanitizers in the markets, that mostly relies on alcohol, chemical, and toxicity to inhibit microbes, G3 Tech Photo-biology obtained its PS-P (Photosentiser) from a combination of plant extracts. The PS-P produces a high amount of energised oxygen when in contact with pathogenic microbes, thereby completely killing it.

With our commitment for safe and natural products, we have insisted to use only natural occurring  compounds and to fully disclose our formula.  The disinfectant and Sanitizer form a thin layer of the membrane as a shield for continuous protection. This protection has proven to be very effective in stopping communicable disease transmission.

Natural & Toxic

Natural occurring compounds from plant extracts

Plant Proteins are extracted to make the active ingredients. The molecule generates high amount of oxygen species (O2)and water to kill germs.

Effective Ingredients

An active surface disinfectant that stays on to a dry surface to kill new germs

An active surface disinfectant that stays on dry surfaces to kill new germs. Natural occurring compounds from plants extracts

Tested & Qualified

We ensure to ungergo rigorous methods for QA

Virus and bacteria tested at CDC, NUS Medical School, Gmicro, SGS and TUV.