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G3Tech e-Mask

G3Tech e-Mask

G3Tech e-Mask


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  • G3Tech ® anti-virus m-Coating is coated on the surface of the filter and the e-Mask outer case. G3Tech ® proprietary self-disinfecting photosensitiser which instantly kills any bacteria and viruses contamination on the filter and  surface of the e-Mask.
  • G3Tech® is a safe and environmentally friendly antimicrobial molecule. Plant protein is extracted by high technology without the present of toxin. It has reached a medical grade sterilisation rate beyond 99.9999%.
  • G3Tech’s e-Mask is Super light and thin
  • Elastic band, comfortable to wear for a whole day. Extension breathing pipe for belt-loop or clip-type  carry-on


Why do we need to need a mask?

Biggest hazard – Virus and Air pollutants

Microbes are virus, bacteria, fungus and other living organisms that are smaller than air pollutants.

  • Remember haze? Haze is made up of countless of 2.5 micrometer fine particles (PM2.5).
  • PM2.5 measured less than 1/20 the wide of our hair.
  • Haze particles cannot be ‘purified’ by ordinary air purifier.

Virus – why we need anti-virus mask

  • The use of masks is no longer for dust protection .The outbreak in Covid -19 has led to a severe shortage of mask as it has to be disposed off after exposure to the environment which is contaminated with the virus.
  • Apart from G3Tech, there isn’t any way to kill the virus that falls onto the surface, which leads to secondary transmission.

Why G3 Tech Global e-Mask?

New development, create high-quality goods

  • G3Tech ® new research and development team has committed themselves to creating the most comfortable, effective, and safe eMask.
  • Filters of pollutants , viruses, to maximise protection against the outbreak and stopping cross transmission and infection.
  • G3Tech® uses high quality environmental protective PP materials and food grade silica gel, maximising comfort while keeps effective protection in mind.

International brand, quality assured

G3Tech ® complied with stringent standard on protection and quality. This is supported by certification from accredited institutions on PM2.5 filtration up to 98%, Mask protection standard and anti-virus test standards.

G3Tech® looked at the facial features of different ethnic groups to find the most comfortable and highly protective mask.Fully fits to face, effective isolation from pollutants and virus.

  • Extended long useful life, assured
    H11 filter element effective filtration up to 100 hours, ultra-long life, maximising efficacy, lowering the cost of use.
  • 12H working hours
    Sufficient for protection to healthcare worker for a whole day 2000 mAh rechargeable power, 12 hours long working time, safety protection for a whole day


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